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  • Business Intelligence QA
  • Audit Services
  • Security and Compliance
What We Do

Data Quality is the key to better business decisions.

We strive to combine our knowledge and expertise to provide our clients with a package of reliable and innovative Business Intelligence QA services.

Regression Testing

We follow gap analysis to identify risk areas in the current regression test and build up the data strategy. Our services are aimed to help clients prioritize the testing cycle to ensure maximum testing benefits at minimal costs.

Unit Testing

We help you keep your codes resilient to bugs and avoid frequent regression with our Unit Testing services. We help you set up a unit testing framework that satisfies the Setup, Test and Tear Down requirements for your BI projects.

Test Cases

Every QA and developer at Nice is experienced in designing plans and cases to ensure accuracy of the data at every stage of the project lifecycle. With us, you leave no gaps in test coverage.

What We Do

Audit is the Key to a healthy BI environment.

We ensure to address the organization's most complex business issues by making sense from the data and getting the most out of the deployments.


We at Nice, use our 15+ years of experience to assure optimal designing of your application. We perform a comprehensive heath check of your existing BI implementation.

Performance Optimization

Right from data modelling stage to the architecting of the warehouse, we apply industry specific best practices to achieve better performance.

Return of Investment

We ascertain the areas of improvements and propose better designs and solutions to make the most of your investment.

What We Do

Security standards and regulations are a Key to gaining trust of your customers.

You leaving security and regulatory compliance to chance may lead to challenges. Streamline your security compliance by teaming with our services.

Secure Data

Data analytics software processes tons of data very quickly and displays it in an easily understood format. If the data is not secured, it poses a lot of threat.

List Security Factors

We define business intelligence strategies that considers all security factors to avoid any loss of data or important information.

Restrict Data

We also assist in devising a permission-based access to data visualization strategy to restrict the data use to a ‘need-to-know’ basis.

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