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In the world of corporate normalcy, our annual team trip is one of the top favorites. We have always believed in the concept of – “A team that go for trips together, share experiences, eat, bond, stays together.” Our multi-functional teams meet up and have a great time to discuss interests, share experiences, and bond. This event offers synergies for rewards and recognition and is expected to be our most anticipated annual event of the year. Employees of Nice gather at a central location to:

  • Play Team Games
  • Providing contributions to company presentations and determining the future strategy
  • Seeing our Nice artists perform on stage
  • Recognizing the best talents of the year at the Nice Annual Awards
We let our hair down when celebrating our successes, no matter how big or small. Our parties are abundant in fun, food, and frolic.

Always Learning

Nice believes that when you stop ‘Learning’ you start ‘Dying’, so we sit with every Nicean and define their yearly goals at the start of each year with the below deliverables:

  • Every quarter one new technology
  • Functional and leadership trainings
  • Certify in one new platform
  • Mentor your team members


Recreational activities is the prime key to unlock consultant’s creativity and boost productivity. We at Nice, recognise the importance of this catalyst activity and constantly engage our teams in:

  • Festive and traditional day celebrations
  • Team lunches and outings
  • Treasure hunt and sports activities

Team Building

Team building is the most important skill for any successful organization. As a team, you can combine different skills and talent to channelize them together to give a better output. At Nice, it is a part of our culture to be a good team player. We organize various team building activities throughout the year such as:

  • Group Projects or Workshops
  • Fun Group Activities on every occasion or celebration
  • Sports
  • Team level communications and mentoring

Social Responsibility

Nice encourages every individual in the organization to fulfill their civic duty, and support actions that benefit the whole of society. At the company level we do activities such as:

  • Blood donation drives
  • Donation of clothes and accessories
  • Support various NGO’s

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