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Learn what the Winners do. We share our initiatives for the mutual success

BakeOff Season 4

In this event, the employees at Nice are expected to develop a “visually appealing, functionality rich, and analytically precise” dashboards. They create their own use cases of a current topic and answer business questions based on the data provided. Cash rewards are awarded for the first 2 positions.


Discover the Benefits of Attending a Series of Webinars

Webinars to widen your tech skyline. A series of webinar created to help you understand the complex working in a simple version.

Uncover the Art of Instructional Design Magic!

  • Ignite Your Instructional Design Skills
  • Stay Ahead of the Curve
  • Connect with Industry Expert
  • Unlock Your Creative Genius
  • Boost Your Professional Growth
  • Learn, Network, and Thrive
  • Practical Application

Public Class

Training on PowerBI
Advance your data analytics skills beyond pivot table and lookup functions!

Training on Data Analytics
Harness the power of data to take your career to the next level!

SynchroNice 2023

All work and no play…well…we know what that did to Jack. We strike a work-life balance with epic event wherein all the unrevealed talents of Nice unite at a central location and participate to showcase the following:

  • Annual recognition of talents and awards distribution
  • Forecast presentation plans of company in terms of future strategy
  • Team bonding and building activities
  • Unrevealed talents on the stage


MicroStrategy organizes a Symposium Series every quarter in the major cities, across the world. Nice Software has been a proud sponsor and presenter at these massive gatherings. We have sponsored the event in :


End to End Data Analytics

New Delhi

Self-service BI Methodologies


Banking Analytics

Abu Dhabi

Best Practices in BI

Nice has presented on advanced topics such as Best Practices in BI, Self Service BI, and Data Analytics Automation using MicroStrategy.

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