Data Integration & Management

Get a competitive edge in enterprise decision making with Big Data cleaned, organized, and layered for you.

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Our ETL developers are trained and experienced in multiple tools and techniques to handle Data Loading at all stages.

  • Data Modeling
  • Data Quality
  • Master Data Management
  • Data Reconciliation
What We Do

We work strategically to design and build data models compatible with your business.

Our expert-level data modeling services are precisely planned and exclusive with long-term achievement in mind which helps organizations to gain more insight into their data.

Data Requirements

Our experts employ both tool-based and manual methodologies to customize your existing models, enhancing your business performance by tracking the changing data requirements. We work with your people to listen and translate their business goals into data requirements. We further check on the existing data and identify the derivatives required.

Identify Datasource

We offer customized data modelling solutions that are business-specific, fulfilling your requirements. The data modelling process starts with identifying the data requirements and then the source of that data. We help you list the varied sources and a plan to consolidate them into a unique and functional warehouse.

Performance Considerations

The data models we design are unique for your business and compatible with agile data. We take a mature approach to identify the frequency, volume, accessiblity, changing dimensions and various other aspects to create Data Models which are secure and scalable. Our expertise in Erwin Data Modeller, Microsoft Visio, and Oracle SQL Developer helps us cover all the major businesses.

What We Do

Our experts offer solutions that can make your data more reliable, accessible, and reusable.

We help unlock the true value of your data. Our experts employ both tool-based and manual methodologies to customize your existing models that are sure to enhance your business performance.

Data Cleansing

Incorrect data usage affects your ability to perform your functions and to provide services to your customers, resulting in a loss of credibility and revenue, customer dissatisfaction, and compliance issues. We help you in data preparation by identifying, modifying or removing data that is incomplete, incorrect, irrelevant, duplicated, or improper.

Data Profiling

We help you improve the completeness, accuracy, conformity, and consistency of your data, resolving problems caused by bad data in data warehouse workloads, business intelligence, and operational OLTP systems. Our experts use various tools to collect statistics, review interrelationships, understand structure, and identify potential of data in the source systems.

Metadata Management

Our experience has taught us the criticality of metadata management, as well as being proactive in using it for data governance. We help you analyze, integrate, access, link, share, and maintain the best effects of your data across your organization by administering the data about data.

What We Do

We help you Centralize Critical Data for your business.

Our experts help implement a Master Data Management strategy that not only enables organizations to organize, categorize, and localize their master data but also lets them concentrate on the marketing and operational strategies for their specific needs.

Data Actionability

We help you give your organization a holistic view of your data, enabling you to learn from and use it to make better business decisions, grow revenue, enhance operational capabilities, and manage enterprise risks and compliance mandates. This is done by creating Master Data Services and connecting to systems, real-time.

Data Integration

We work closely with the stakeholders to understand their business requirements, identify their KRAs and KPIs, and then build a customized solution that helps them drive the key decision-making process. Our expertise in migration of legacy reports from one BI tool to other is a plus.

Data Stewardship

Hire our services for MicroStrategy UI customization, flow customization, custom security implementation, user security management, custom product creation based on MSTR, and Mobile SDK.

What We Do

We help you fuel your business operations with agile and automated reconciliation procedures.

Our data reconciliation capabilities add value to your data while enriching and streamlining your business processes giving you a sustainable competitive advantage.

Data Validation

Our data validation services at the entry point level is critical, not only to ensure that incoming data is complete and accurate, but also to reduce fraud risk and bad audit. We perform various types of validations depending on destination constraints of objectives and our expertise in Informatica, Unix Shell Scripting, and Oracle PL/SQL speaks volumes.

Error Handling

When you implement Reconciliation as a service you are able to compare transactions and activities, resolve any discrepancies that may have been discovered bringing evidences and solutions to data mismatch problems. We also help in designing the response and recovery procedures from error conditions.

Data Preservation

Our team is committed to conserve and maintain both the safety and integrity of your data. This activity is performed as a part of our Data Management Plan where we list the activities to be goverened by the policy, strategy, and regulation of your organization, and it includes the Data Curation activity.

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