Intelligent Center Director

Intelligence Center Director – sounds Intelligent, isn’t it?

Has MicroStrategy just empowered the senior level leadership roles such as Directors, VPs, etc. with intelligent handling of the enterprise MicroStrategy platform?

Well, it looks like you now have an additional super-mind working for you to help you build a more Intelligent Enterprise which is driven by processes and standards and, is easy to maintain and monitor while optimizing the user experience.

It would be interesting to observe how establishing corporate requirements and guidelines for business intelligence would help organizations align the platform capabilities with their roadmap and future goals.

As MicroStrategy calls it, the ‘MicroStrategy Center of Excellence’ – this MSTR COE team has various personas defined within the environment. The Intelligence Director leads various architects and administrators responsible for building the intelligent platform.

It is exciting to see how the improved coordination and the voids that are bridged between Business (Management, Board of Directors etc.) and Technology Team (ETL developers, Database Administrators, Product Support personnel etc.) would lead to a different stakeholder working towards the common organizational goal.

While we are expecting to see ICD act as an intermediary which translates business expectations into technical solutions, conversing technical constraints into business reality could bring a sharp edge to the Enterprises in the competitive business world

Though MicroStrategy has been very elaborate about the planning, execution, and deployment of it’s Intelligent Enterprise roadmap, you as a business would need to identify various stages in which you would like to make your Enterprise Intelligent.

These stages may include everything, right from identifying siloed and unreliable data to converting it into verified and trusted information. In order to ensure a result-oriented adoption of the information, you would need to list the consumers of the data – from Analysts to Data Scientists to Vendors, Influencers, and VIP Clientele.

A lot is going to depend on how you plan to leverage this out-of-the-box solution in benefit of your organization. Getting the right people to strategize and execute the Intelligent Platform for you could be the key to a scalable and sustainable business solution while the whole world tries to fight and recover from the pandemic.

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